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About Us

As our name implies, SJCOM.COM was going to be a Business Directory for all of South Jersey. During the planning stages, we started looking at other sites to get an idea where we wanted to go with our site. Browsing through sites like "SouthJersey.com", we realized it would be a massive project to create a database for all of South Jersey, as a business' listing could get "lost" amongst the others. At that point, we decided we would stay at home and limit our site to Cumberland County. We felt that Cumberland County businesses rely mostly on Cumberland County residents for their business.

SJCOM is a company dedicated to its customers. As such, in May of 2005, SJCOM evolved into a web design and hosting company. Creating websites allows us to cater to the advertising interests of our clients. Over 225 million people in the United States have the internet and the number is growing. Being able to advertise to such a broad market is massive. Since our inception in 2005, our reputation has been bolstered by the 25+ clients we service.

Currently we offer competitive pricing on web hosting and design. Purchase the two independently, or together for greater flexibility. SJCOM also offers domain registration and renewal.

The new SJCOM now offers services to anyone, anywhere. No job is too large or too small for us!

Vineland, NJ